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Established in year 2010 and Headquartered in Taiwan, Digirich International Co Ltd. is a specialize Memory Products Supplier such as Dram, Flash Cards, Card Readers, USB Flash Drives, MP3 , MP4 players and all computer peripherals. We deal with all major brands like Sandisk, Hynix, Samsung, and Micron; also have OEMs and our own brand "Digirich".

Our Head Office resides in the heart of memory and computer technology – Taipei, Taiwan with branches in Hong Kong, Shenzhen China, with upcoming offices in Dubai, India and Canada.

We have established fine and solid trading relationships with customers around the world on the basis of equality, mutual benefits and co-development. We focus our efforts on providing the highest quality products with fast delivery, after sales services and warranty support that ensures total customer satisfaction. Attending international trade shows to exhibit new products and promote our brand. Our own brand "DIGIRICH" is based on a lifelong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Digirich has strong management to control for quality procurement, sales, customer relationship and after sales services to fulfill our clients' requirements. We've well-built experience in serving different business industries and multi-national corporations. We have a Joint - Venture with our Taiwanese partners in manufacturing of Memory Cards, Flash drives, MP3, MP4 Players etc. on high international standards. We're also the leading manufacturer by persisting in our spirit of providing original memory to keep all data in secure.

Digirich International Co Ltd. – one of the worlds' leading storage device suppliers that concentrate in designing the most innovative product for consumers in a wide range of market segments. This is just the beginning.

Mission statement

As our name suggests, our mission is to make our customers digitally rich through combine industry resources, create added value and let the customers enjoy a latest digital technological life.

Commitment to the Customers

Digirich International Co Ltd, believes in personal and long term relationships with our customers. Regional sales offices located in the Taiwan, Hong Kong, China (Shenzhen) are all dedicated to serve our customers with efficiency. Since customer loyalty is paramount to us, we are eager to provide our customers with excellent service and products at a competitive pricing. Attending international trade shows to exhibit new products and promote our brand.

Digirich also believes in partnership with our customers and is committed to deliver products with the highest quality, the most superior performance and the optimal value for years to come.


Not just one of major supplier of flash memory card, Digirich also can provide other flash products, such as flash drive and also card reader.

What we can promise:

1) All the products we are selling is 100% original parts.
2) The shipment can be always on time.
3) We can always offer you the best prices.
4) We can become your trustful supplier based on our sincerity and become one of the most famous suppliers in the world.
5) Offer you the best services and become one of your most reliable cooperators and one of your the best friends.
6) We provide the update market trend, analyzed the global flash supply and demand also are part of our service.

We believe that our service brought our customer's satisfaction and will do our best to provide high quantity products with competitive prices. We are also making greater efforts to develop a series of new generation Digital & Electronics products with higher technology and attractive appearance to help our customers to create more business. As our best, World-Class leader in the field of memory card and consumer electronics, which brings you tomorrow's world, today.